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LaTeX: from beginner to TeXPert

Posted in Links, Technology, Writing Better Documentation by engtech on April 25, 2006

Tutorial on getting started with LaTeX.

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  1. engtech said, on June 02, 2006 at 7:13 pm

    Further discussion about LaTeX.

    The beauty of LaTeX is that is had predefined commands and visual styles for elements common to academic writing — section headings, tables, figures, lists, quotes and equations. If you’re making a document that contains a lot of non-standard formatting, it might be smarter to use a wysiwyg system like Word or OpenOffice.org Writer. For example, there are several classes for making CVs and resumes in LaTeX, but if you have a special format that you want, it could take many times as long to create a custom LaTeX class as it would to just do it in Word. And if you’re not going to be making many documents using that same format, why bother?

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