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Perl Doxygen Filter — Automatically Document Your Perl Code

Posted in Links, Perl, Technology, Writing Better Documentation by engtech on April 20, 2006

About Perl Doxygen Filter

Of course, Perl developers are used to use POD rather than some other code documentation tools. However, most developers actually are not restricted to using one single language. Instead of using multiple code documentation systems one tends to use one tool for all – Doxygen is quite a powerful code documentation system that already has built-in support for multiple programming languages.

Unfortunately, Doxygen does not directly support Perl. Thus, Doxygen Filter has been written in order to be able to use Doxygen for generating code documentation for Perl projects, too.

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  1. […] I get a lot of searches for people who are looking for a Doxygen (1, 2) like utility for documenting their code, especially for HDL/HVLs (Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, Specman e, SystemC). So I decided to create a list of potential non-homebrew solutions to creating inline documentation for your HDL/HVL. […]

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