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ResumeDoctor – tips from recruiters

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Recruiter Tip: Melissa Hope Chaplin of H.E.A.T. Resources shares this tip: "Do not separate your skills and accomplishments from each position. Your resume should be easy to read. Someone should be able to look at it and know what you did at each job, and how long you were there." Make sure to provide specific examples of how the company benefited from your performance. Accomplishments should be quantified in dollars or percentages, for example, (Increased productivity of department). From what to what…1%, 10%, 90%?

Recruiter Tip: When providing dates, work history should be in reverse chronological order, (most recent employment first). The general consensus among recruiters is to place the employer info, title and location to the left hand side of the screen. Your employment dates should be aligned to the right so that your reader can easily “skim” down the page. Make it easy on your reader! And if you have a proven track record of staying with a job for a while, absolutely make sure that your employment dates JUMP out at your reader. This is a real selling point about you as a candidate. Make sure you use it to your advantage.
Recruiter TIP … many recruiters shared with us that it is always a good idea to name your Word Attachment “Smith, John Resume”. Recruiters have no time to “guess” the author of the attachment. Many recruiters are still organizing resumes sent to them in one folder, so already providing the recruiter with your resume with an easy to follow document name will make your resume easier to find.
Recruiter Tip: With the many ISP’s changing hands everyday or going out of business, create a permanent email address. There are plenty of free services out there such as Yahoo or Hotmail. Many candidates opt to use a work email address. It is often not a good idea to do so, for two major reasons. One, what if you leave that position? How will a recruiter be able to email you a new posting? Two, many employers monitor their employee’s email boxes. This could compromise your current position.

Recruiter Tip: To see what your WORD document resume will look like as a text file, (as it will most likely appear on the major job boards), take your Word document resume and paste it into NOTEPAD. The major job boards generally do not retain font changes and complex MS WORD formatting functions. 

Recruiter Tip: At the top of your resume, always include an easy to follow general/functional summary. Use bullet-points that can be easily customized to match what the employer is seeking. Hand your reader what they are looking for on a silver platter. Find out what are the “hot buttons” of the employer and make every one hit a home run. Immediately following your summary, provide your reader with an easy to follow chronological history of where you worked and when. It is here you need to detail your accomplishments.

Recruiter Tip: For employment beyond 10 years ago, create a "Previous Employment" section. You can quickly list your older assignments by simply including title, company and dates. However, if you are applying to a position where a much older assignment is relevant and this experience is not covered by a more recent position, you can opt to elaborate further. You can also opt to include a quick bullet or two about this experience in your general summary so that the reader can see immediately this experience.

Recruiter Tip: Phil Dubois of Pride in Personnel in Markaham, Ontario offered this advice, “My initial reaction, (receiving resumes from unqualified candidates), is negative. The easiest remedy is to provide a simple introductory statement ‘while my qualifications do not match your requirements, please accept the attached for your files in anticipation of future, suitable opportunities’".

Recruiter Tip: This headline can be customized to match the job description and "hot-buttons" of the employer or recruiter.

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