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Don’t aim your CV at the bin

Posted in Hiring, Job Interviews and Resume Resources, Links, Technology by engtech on April 17, 2006

RecruitIreland.com Newsletter : DON’T AIM YOUR CV AT THE BIN

1. All ‘Tell’ no ‘Sell’

The reader is interested in two things: (1) What special responsibilities did you have, aside from the ‘usual suspects’? and (2) What did you make of your responsibilities?
Stick in a section titled Accomplishments or Contributions and provide details of things that changed or improved as a result of your efforts.

2. Too long

Spend 50% of your space detailing the last five to seven years or your last two jobs. Jobs from further back in your history can be reduced to a couple of lines – one or two big highlights only.

3. Irrelevance

Read the ad! Really read it. If it says “essential” or “must have” and you don’t have it, save everyone’s time and don’t apply.

4. Carelessness

Proof and proof again.

5. Hard to pull the information out

Is the must-know information easy to get to? Highlighted in some way? Clear?

6. Look & Feel

Design matters. Packaging matters.

7. Wordy rather than Worthy

Get proficient at crisp, terse business writing using bullet points wherever you can. Introductory paragraphs should be short (2-4 lines) and, if you are using multiple paragraphs, make sure there is plenty of white space breaking them up.

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