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Getting Your Resume Read – Joel on Software

Posted in Hiring, Job Interviews and Resume Resources, Links, Technology by engtech on April 14, 2006

Getting Your Résumé Read – Joel on Software


– Resume is a way to give a hiring manager and excuse to hit delete, must be strong to survive.
– Only apply if you're qualified and the position is what you want.
– Cover level included in body of email, not as an attachment. Make sure to have cover letter in body of email.
– Don't copy BS-filled cover letters from another source.
– All sentances must end in a period.
– Don't use anonymous email account.


– Personal cover letter for each job.
– Follow companies instructions to the tee.
– Don't apply to too many jobs at each company. Don't look desperate.
– Don't apply for jobs that you don't want.
– Come across as a human being, not a list of jobs and programming languages.

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